Islam governs all aspects of human life to achieve Bless of God. One important aspect is the issue of halal products. Islam proposes that the halal products such as food products can affect human behavior towards the nature, personality and noble character.

In practice, inspite of food, other products need to be considered halal product such as beverage, medicine, cosmetic, chemical products, biological products, and genetic engineering product. If the product produced by entrepreneurs was guaranteed as halal, it will provide comfortability, security, and safety to the community in fulfilling the needs of life, especially for Muslims.

Muslim scholars have to be able to create and disseminate ideas of halal lifestyle to accelerate existence of the development mission of Islam. The government should also play an important role in generating regulations and policies concerning halal assurance to obtain legal certainty for the people.

To obtain the above condition Muhammadiyah University of North Sumatra in collaboration with the Islamic Development Management (ISDEV) Universiti Sains Malaysia held an International Conference on Islamic Development with the theme of "Transforming Halal Lifestyles ".


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